Peggie R. Smith - Publications

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Forthcoming Scholarship and Works in Progress

  • “The Pitfalls of Home: Protecting the Health and Safety of Paid Domestics,” 22 Canadian Journal of Women & Law (forthcoming 2011)
  • “The Future of Family Caregiving: The Value of Work-Family Strategies that Benefit Both Care Consumers and Paid Care Workers,” Confronting the “Opt-Out Revolution”: Women in Today’s Workforce, New York University Press (forthcoming 2011)
  • “‘Work like any Other, Work Like No Other’: Establishing Decent Work for Domestic Service Workers”
  • “When the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary: Compensating Family Caregivers in the Workers’ Compensation Context”


  • Principles of Employment Law (with R. Gely, A. Hodges, & S. Stabile), West Publishing Concise Hornbook Series (2009)

Recent Books Chapters & Articles

  • “Union Representation of Child-Care Workers in the United States,” Comparative Patriarchy & American Institutions (ed. M.F.M. Feely), Université de Savoie Press (2009)
  • “Aging and Caring in the Home: Regulating Paid Domesticity in the Twenty-First Century,” 92 Iowa Law Review 1837 (2007); excerpted in Bioethics and the Law (eds. J. Dolgin & L. Shepherd) Aspen Publishing (2d ed., 2009)

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