Andrew D. Martin - Publications

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Forthcoming Scholarship

  • “Does Public Opinion Influence the Supreme Court?: Probably Yes (But We're Not Sure Why)” (with Lee Epstein), University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law (forthcoming)

Recent Articles and Essays

  • “MCMCpack: Markov chain Monte Carlo in R” (with Kevin M. Quinn & Jong Hee Park),
    42(12) Journal of Statistical Software 1 (2011) [PDF]
  • "The Scythe Statistical Library: An Open Source C++ Library for Statistical Computation” (with Daniel Pemstein & Kevin M. Quinn),
    42(9) Journal of Statistical Software 1 (2011) [PDF]
  • “Untangling the Causal Effects of Sex on Judging” (with Christina L. Boyd & Lee Epstein),
    54 American Journal of Political Science 389 (2010) [PDF]
  • “Studying District Court Decision-Making” (with Pauline Kim, Margo Schlanger, & Christina L. Boyd),
    29 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 83 (2009) [PDF]
  • “Circuit Effects: How the Norm of Federal Judicial Experience Biases the Supreme Court”
    (with Lee Epstein, Kevin M. Quinn, & Jeffrey A. Segal), 157 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 101 (2009) [PDF]

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