Kevin Emerson Collins - Publications

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Forthcoming Scholarship

  • "The Knowledge/Embodiment Dichotomy", UC Davis Law Review 
  • "Patent Law's Functionality Malfunction, or Why the Problem of Software-Patent Overbreadth is Unavoidable", Washington University Law Review 

Recent Articles

  • "Prometheus Laboratories, Mental Steps, and Printed Matter", 50 Houston Law Review 391 (2012) (symposium)
  • "Getting into the 'Spirit' of Innovative Things: Looking to Complementary and Substitute Properties to Shape Patent Protection for Improvements", 26 Berkeley Technology Law Journal 1217 (2012)
  • "Bilski and the Ambiguity of 'An Unpatentable Abstract Idea'", 15 Lewis and Clark Law Review 37 (2011) (symposium)
  • “Semiotics 101: Taking the Printed Matter Doctrine Seriously,” 85 Indiana Law Journal 1379 (2010)
  • “Enabling After-Arising Technology,” 34 Journal of Corporation Law 1083 (2009) (symposium piece)
  • “Claims to Information qua Information and a Structural Theory of Section 101,” 4 I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society 11 (2008); reprinted in Patent Claims: Judicial Interpretation and Analysis (2009) (symposium piece)
  • “The Reach of Literal Claim Scope into After-Arising Technology: On Thing Construction and the Meaning of Meaning,” 41 Connecticut Law Review 493 (2008)
  • "Constructive Nonvolition in Patent Law, or the Problem of InsufficientThought Control", 2007 Wisconsin Law Review 759 (2007)
  • "Propertizing Thought", 60 Southern Methodist University Law Review 317 (2007) (selected for Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum)

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