Scott A. Baker - Research Datasets

  • Data and Programs, “Should We Pay Federal Circuit Judges More?”
    NOTE:  The posted datasets resolve some discrepancies in the original datasets without consequence for the basic opportunity cost/salary findings. Specifically, using this partnership salary data and a three percent discount rate, I found no evidence consistent with a constitutional crisis (assuming in the pool analysis that the nominee takes the bench at average age 49). Robustness checks based on regional, but partner-seniority independent variation in law firm partnership salaries yielded similar results.  [view]

  • Data and Accompanying Materials, “The Economics of Limited Liability: An Empirical Study of New York Law Firms” (with K. Krawiec), 1 University of Illinois Law Review 2005  [view]

  • Model Appendix, “Incomplete Contracts in a Complete Contract World” (with K. Krawiec), Florida State Law Review (2006) [view]

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