Mae C. Quinn - Publications

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Forthcoming Scholarship and Works in Progress

  • “From Turkey Trot to Twitter: Policing Puberty, Purity, and Positivity," New York University Review of Law and Social Change (forthcoming, special juvenile justice issue)
  • "The Other Missouri Model: Systemic Juvenile Injustice in the Show Me State," Missouri Law Review (forthcoming, special juvenile law and sentencing issue)
  • “(Im)Mobilizing Youth” (article)
  • “Giving Kids Their Due: Theorizing A Fourteenth Amendment Framework for Modern Juvenile Defense Representation,” Iowa Law Review (forthcoming); presented at the 50th Anniversary Gideon v. Wainwright Symposium, University of Iowa College of Law
  • Feminist Legal Realism? Realistic Women on the Benches, in the Trenches and Beyond: 1920-1950’s (long term book project)
  • Judge Anna Moscowitz Kross: Mother of Legal Movements (long term book project)

Recent Articles, Essays and Book Chapters

  • “Feminist Legal Realism,” 35 Harvard Journal of Law and Gender 1 (2012)
  • “The Fallout from our Blackboard Battlegrounds: A Call for Withdrawal and a New Way Forward,” 15 Iowa Journal of Gender, Race, and Justice 541 (2012)
  • “Evolving Standards in Juvenile Justice: From Gault to Graham and Beyond,” 38 Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 1 (2012)
  • “‘Feminizing’ Courts: Lay Volunteers and the Integration of Social Work in Progressive Reform,” in Feminist Legal History: Women’s Agency and the Law (NYU Press 2011)
  • “The Modern Problem-Solving Court Movement: Domination of Discourse and Untold Stories of Criminal Justice Reform,” 31 Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 57 (2010) [PDF
  • “Problem Solving Courts: A Conversation with Experts,” 10 Maryland Journal of Race, Religion, Gender & Class 137 (2010); invited roundtable proceeding remarks
  • “Teaching Public Citizen Lawyering: From Aspiration to Inspiration,” 8 Seattle Journal of Social Justice 661 (2010)

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