Scott A. Baker - Publications

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Forthcoming Scholarship

  • "A Model of Cause Lawyering" (with G. Biglaiser), Journal of Legal Studies (forthcoming)

Recent Articles

  • "A Dynamic Model of Doctrinal Choice" (with P. Kim), 4 Journal of Legal Analysis 329 (2012) [SSRN]
  • "A Theory of Rational Jurisprudence" (with C. Mezzetti), 120 Journal of Political Economy 513 (2012) [SSRN]
  • “Intellectual Property Disclosure as ‘Threat’” (with P. Lee & C. Mezzetti), 7 International Journal of Economic Theory 21 (2011) (symposium in honor of Jim Friedman)
  • “Can the Courts Rescue Us from the Patent Crisis?,” 88 Texas Law Review 591 (2010) (book review)
  • “Comment: Make or Buy and International Law” (with M. Gulati), 165 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 134 (2009) 
  • “The Continuing Search for a Meaningful Model of Judical Rankings and Why It (Unfortunately) Matters” (with A. Feibelman and W. Marshall), 58 Duke Law Journal 1645 (2009)
  • “Justices as Economic Fixers: A Response to a ‘A Macro-Theory of the Court’” (with A. Feibelman and W. Marshall), 58 Duke Law Journal 1626 (2009)

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