Marion G. Crain - Publications

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Forthcoming Scholarship

  • Working and Living in the Shadow of Economic Fragility (eds. M. Crain & M. Sherraden), Oxford University Press (forthcoming, 2013); also chapter, “Reviving Labor Unionism” (with K. Matheny)
  • Sexploitation and the Corporate Brand (with D. Avery, in progress)
  • “After Unions,” University of California-Irvine Law Review (forthcoming, 2013) (Symposium on Labor Law 2.0)  

Recent Books

  • Work Law: Cases and Materials (with P. Kim & M. Selmi), Lexis Law Publishing (2d ed., 2010, with Teacher’s Manual and Case Supplement 2012)
  • Labor Relations Law: Cases and Materials (with T. St. Antoine & C. Craver) (12th ed., 2011, Lexis Law Publishing), with Selected Federal Statutes & Sample Collective Bargaining Agreement, and Teacher's Manual)
  • Ending Poverty in America: How to Restore the American Dream (J. Edwards, M. Crain & A. Kalleberg eds) (The New Press 2007)

Recent Articles

  • “Work, Free Will and Law,” 23 Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal (December 2012)
  • “An Imminent Hanging,” 26 ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law 151 (2011) (GW/NLRB Symposium on The National Labor Relations Act at 75: Its Legacy and Future)
  • “Arm’s Length Intimacy: Employment as Relationship”35 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 163 (2011) (plus introduction to volume for Symposium on For Love or Money?, sponsored by the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Work & Social Capital)
  • “Managing Identity: Buying Into the Brand at Work,” 95 Iowa Law Review 1179 (2010)
  • “Work Matters,” 19 University of Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy 365 (2010)
  • Symposium Editor, “Conference on Wealth Inequality and the Eroding Middle Class,” 25 Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law 411 (2008)

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