John Owen Haley
William R. Orthwein Distinguished Professor Emeritus 

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Books and Monographs 

Law's Political Foundations: Rivers, Rifles, Rice, and Religion (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016).

Comparative Law: The Contemporary Civil Law Tradition in Europe, Latin America, and East Asia, vol. 2, with John Henry Merryman and David  S. Clark (Lexis/Nexis Casebook series, 2015), new edition of The Civil Law Tradition: Europe, Latin America and East Asia (Charlottesville: Michie Company,1994).

Legal Innovations in Asia: Judicial Lawmaking and the Influence of Comparative Law (Cheltenham, UK and Northhampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014), edited with Toshiko Takenaka.

Fundamentals of Transnational Litigation: The United States, Canada, Japan, and the European Union (New Providence, N.J.: LexisNexis, 2012, 2nd ed. 2014).

The Spirit of Japanese Law, (Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, paperback ed. 2006)

Articles and Essays 

"Rivers and Rice: What Lawyers and Legal Historians Should Know about Medieval Japan", 36 The Journal of Japanese Studies  (No. 2, 2010) [view in Adobe PDF]

"Public Prosecution in Japan," Oxford Handbooks Online (December 2015), available at

"Judicial Law-making and the Creation of Legal Norms in Japan: A Dialogue," with Daniel H. Foote, in J. Haley and T. Takenaka, eds., Legal Innovations in Asia: Judicial Law-Making and Influence of Comparative Law (Cheltenham, UK and Northhampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014).

"The Role of Courts in "'Making' Law in Japan: The Communitarian Conservatism of Japanese Judges," 22 Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal 491 (2013).

"Constitutional Adjudication in Japan: Context, Structures, and Values," 88 Washington University Law Review 1467 (2011).

"Introduction - Beyond Retribution: An Integrated Approach to Restorative Justice,"
36 Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 1 (2011).

"The Evolution of Law: Political Foundations of Private Law in Medieval Europe and Japan," in Debin Ma; J.L. van Zanden (Jan Luiten),eds., Law and Long-term  Economic Change: A Eurasian Perspective (Stanford Economics and Finance, 2011), pp. 19-45.

"Why Study Japanese Law?," 58 The American Journal of Comparative Law 1 (2010). [view in Adobe PDF]

"Foundations of Governance and Law: An Essay on Law's Evolution in Colonial Spanish America," Díkaion, ISSN 0120-8942, Año 23 - Núm. 18 - 163-203 - Chía, Colombia- Diciembre 2009 [view in Adobe PDF]

"Rethinking Contract Practice and Law in Japan," 1 Journal of East Asia and International Law 47 (2008). [view in Adobe PDF]

"The Japanese Judiciary: Maintaining Integrity, Autonomy and Public Trust," in Daniel H. Foote, ed., Law in Japan: A Turning Point, (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2007). [view in Adobe PDF]

"Apology and Pardon," David S. Clark, ed., Encyclopedia of Law and Society: American and Global Perspectives (Thousand Oaks, London, & New Delhi, Sage Publications, 2007).

"Law and Culture in China and Japan: A Framework for Analysis," 27 Michigan Journal of International Law 895 (2006). 

"The Civil, Criminal and Disciplinary Liability of Judges," 54 (Supplement) American Journal of Comparative Law 281 (2006). 

"Judicial Reform: Conflicting Aims and Imperfect Models," 5 Washington University Global  Studies Law Review 81 (2006).  

"Waging War: Japan's Constitutional Constraints," 14 Constitutional Forum Constitutionnel 18 (No. 2, 2005). [view in Adobe PDF]

"Japanese Perspectives, Autonomous Firms, and the Aesthetic Function of Law," in K.L. Hopt, E. Wymeersch, H. Kanda, and H. Baum (eds), Corporate Governance in Context: Corporations, States and Markets in Europe, Japan, and the United States (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005), pp. 205-214.

"Heisei Renewal or Heisei Transformation: Are Legal reforms Really Changing Japan? 10 Journal of Japanese Law (Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht) 5 (No. 19, 2005). [view in Adobe PDF]

"Litigation in Japan: A New Look at Old Problems," 10 Willamette Journal of Int'l L and Dispute Resolution. 121 (2002). [view in Adobe PDF]

"The Adjudicatory Jurisdiction of Japanese Courts in Transnational Litigation," in J.A.R. Nafziger & S.C. Symeonides, eds., Law and Justice in a Multistate World: Essays in Honor of Arthur T. von Mehren (Ardsley, NY, Transnational Publishers, Inc., 2002), pp. 705-719. [view in Adobe PDF]

"Error, Irony and Convergence: A Comparative Study of the Origins and Development of Competition Policy in Postwar Germany and Japan, in Großfeld, Sack, M.J. Möllers, Drexl, Heinemann (eds.), Festschrift for Wolfgang Fikentscher (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck: 1998), pp. 886-918. [view in Adobe PDF]

"Japan's New Land and House Lease Law," in J. Haley and K. Yamamura (eds.), Land Issues in Japan: A Policy Failure?, (Seattle: Society for Japanese Studies, 1992), pp. 149-174. [view in Adobe PDF]

"Weak Law, Strong Competition, and Trade Barriers: Competitiveness as a Disincentive to Foreign Entry into Japanese Markets," in K. Yamamura (ed.), Japan's Economic Structure: Should it Change? (Seattle, Society for Japanese Studies, 1990) pp. 203-236. [view in Adobe PDF]

“Mission to Manage:  The U.S. Forest Service as a Japanese Bureaucracy,” in K. Hayashi (ed.), The U.S.-Japanese Economic Relationship: Can it be Improved? (New York, New York University Press, 1989) pp. 196-225. [view in Adobe PDF]

"Toward a Reappraisal of Occupation Legal Reforms: Administrative Accountability," in Fujukura (ed.), Eibeihô ronshû (Essays on Anglo-American Law) (Hideo Tanaka Festschrift) 543-567 (1987). [view in Adobe PDF]

"The Politics of Informal Justice: The Japanese Experience, 1922-1942," in R. Abel (ed.), The Politics of Informal Justice, Vol. 2 (Academic Press) 125-147 (1982). [view in Adobe PDF]

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