Leila Nadya Sadat - Publications

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Forthcoming Scholarship and Works in Progress

  • “A Rawlsian Approach to International Criminal Justice and the International Criminal Court,” 19:1 Tulane Journal of International & Comparative Law (forthcoming) [SSRN]
  • “Unpacking the Complexities of International Criminal Tribunal Jurisdiction,”
    Routledge Handbook of International Criminal Law (eds. W. Schabas and N. Bernaz) Routledge (forthcoming) [SSRN]
  • “The Specificity of International Criminal Law” 
  • L’effet inutile of The Genocide Convention” 
  • “Justice and Deterrence in International Criminal Law” 
  • “Africa and the International Criminal Court” 

Selected Recent Books

  • Forging a Convention for Crimes Against Humanity, (ed. L. SadatCambridge University Press (2011) [more] 
  • The Theory and Practice of International Criminal Law: Essays in Honor of M. Cherif Bassiouni (eds. L. Sadat & M. Scharf), Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (2008) 

Selected Recent Articles and Essays

  • “The Nuremberg Paradox,” 58 American Journal of Comparative Law 151 (2010) [SSRN]  
  • “On the Shores of Lake Victoria: Africa and the Review Conference for the International Criminal Court,” AFLA Quarterly 10 (2010) [SSRN]
  • “Transjudicial Dialogue and the Rwandan Genocide: Aspects of Antagonism and Complementarity,” 22 Leiden Journal of International Law 543 (2009); reprinted in Proceedings of the Second International Humanitarian Law Dialogs 123 (ASIL 2009) [SSRN]  
  • “A Presumption of Guilt: The Unlawful Enemy Combatant and the U.S. War on Terror,” 37 Denver Journal of International Law 539 (2009) 

Representative Scholarship

  • “Extraordinary Rendition, Torture, and Other Nightmares from the War on Terror,” 75 George Washington University Law Review 1200 (2007) [SSRN]

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