David T. Konig - Publications

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Forthcoming Scholarship

  • "Americanization of the Common Law: The Great Migration Meets the Intellectual Migration," review essay, Chicago-Kent Law Review (forthcoming)
  • "John Adams, Constitution Monger," in Constitutions and Classics (ed. D. Galligan), Oxford University Press (2014)
  • “The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: The Legal Commonplace Book,” The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Princeton University Press (second series, forthcoming)
  • Nature’s Advocate: Thomas Jefferson and the Discovery of American Law 

Recent Books

  • The Dred Scott Case: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Race and Law (contributor and co-editor with P. Finkelman & C.A. Bracey), Ohio University Press (2010)

Recent Articles and Essays

  • Heller, History, and Norms: The Judicial Invention of Tradition,” 53 Northeastern University Law Journal 175 (2011)
  • “James Madison and Common-Law Constitutionalism,” 28 Law and History Review 507 (2010)
  • “Thomas Jefferson and Whig Lawyering,” in John Adams and Thomas Jefferson: Libraries, Leadership, and Legacy (eds. C.E. Wright and R. Baron), Massachusetts Historical Society/Fulcrum (2010)
  • “Why the Second Amendment Has a Preamble: Original Public Meaning and the Political Culture of Revolutionary America,” 56 UCLA Law Review 1295 (2009)

Representative Scholarship

  • Devising Liberty: Creating and Preserving Freedom in the New American Republic (ed. and co-author, D. Konig) Stanford University Press (1995)
  • Law and Society in Puritan Massachusetts. Essex County, 1626-1693, University of North Carolina Press (1979) (Nominated for the Merle Curti Prize in American Social History, of the Organization of American Historians)
  • The Plymouth Court Records, 1686-1859: The Records of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas and the Court of General Sessions of the Peace. Introduction and Volumes I-III: General Sessions, 1686-1781; Common Pleas, 1688-1702 (ed. D. Konig; 16 vols.) Michael Glazier (1978–81)

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