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"Intellectual Privacy: Rethinking Civil Liberies in the Digital Age" (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2014)

Forthcoming Scholarship

  • "Big Data Ethics," Wake Forest Law Review (forthcoming 2014) (symposium). [SSRN]
  • "Five Privacy Myths" (work in progress).
    • Keynote address, Amherst College/University of Alabama Conference on “A World Without Privacy? What Can/Should Law Do?” Jan. 17, 2014.
  • "Privacy and Free Speech: The Transatlantic Divide" (with Kirsty Hughes) (work in progress).
  • "Why Data Privacy Law Is (Mostly) Constitutional" (work in progress).
    • Selected for The Future of Privacy Forum’s “Privacy Papers for Policymakers 2013” 
  • "How Should the Law Think About Robots?" (with William Smart) (work in progress).
  • “Why Data Privacy Law is (Mostly) Constitutional”, William and Mary Law Review (forthcoming 2014) (symposium). [SSRN]

Recent Articles

  • "The Dangers of Surveillance," 126 Harvard Law Review 1934 (2013). [SSRN]
  • "The Perils of Social Reading," 101 Georgetown Law Journal, 689 (2013). [SSRN]
    • Awarded the 2012 University of Houston IPIL Sponsored Scholarship Grant prize.
  • "Three Paradoxes of Big Data," 66 Stanford Law Review Online 41 (2013) (with Jonathan H. King). [SSRN]
  • "The Limits of Tort Privacy," 9 Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law 357 (2011). [SSRN]
    • Invited submission for Conference on “Privacy and the Press,” Silicon Flatirons Center, University of Colorado School of Law, Dec. 3, 2010.
  • "Prosser’s Privacy Law: A Mixed Legacy," 98 California Law Review 1887 (2011) (with Daniel J. Solove). [SSRN]
    Recent Essays 

Book Chapters

  • "Privacy and Intellectual Freedom,” in M. Alfino ed., The Handbook of Intellectual Freedom (Unwin, 2013) (with Joanna F. Cornwell)
  • “Tort Privacy and Free Speech,” in D. Doerr & U. Fink, eds., The Right Privacy - Perspectives From Three Continents (De Gruyter 2012) 

Other Writings

  • “Watching the Watchers: The Rise of Sousveillance,” Wired Magazine, The Wired Workd in 2014 (UK Edition) (forthcoming 2013)
  • “They Know Where You Are (But They Shouldn’t), Boston Review, August 26, 2013, available here 
  • “Opinion: Don’t Let U.S. Government Read Your E-mail,” Opinion, August 18, 2013, available here 
  • “Surveillance After the Boston Bombing,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, Issue #35, May 10, 2013, available here 
  • “Opinion: Surveillance State No Answer to Terror,” Opinion, April 23, 2013, available here 
  • “Keep Your Update to Yourself,” Wired Magazine, The Wired World in 2013 (UK Edition), 2012, available here   
  • “Choose Privacy Week 2012: The Perils of Social Reading,”, May 2, 2012, available here 
  • “Rethinking Privacy in the Digital Age,” Washington University Law Magazine, Spring 2012, at p. 47, available here  

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