Stanley L. Paulson - Publications

For the most recent list of publications, please see the current CV [view].

Forthcoming Research

  • Kelsen’s Legal Philosophy (monograph under contract with the Oxford University Press, ca. 400 pages)

Recent Publications

  • “Formalism, ‘Free Law’, and the ‘Cognition’ Quandary: Hans Kelsen’s Approach to Legal Interpretation,” University of Queensland Law Journal 27 (2009)
  • “Ein ewiger Mythos: Gustav Radbruch als Rechtspositivist” (“An Eternal Myth: Gustav Radbruch as Legal Positivist” ), 63 Juristen-Zeitung 105 (2008)
  • “Ein ‘starker Intellektualismus’: Badener Neukantianismus und Rechtsphilosophie,” (“A ‘Pronounced Intellectualism’: Baden Neo-Kantianism and Legal Philosophy”), Rechtswissenschaft als Kulturwissenschaft?(eds. Marcel Senn and Dániel Pusskás) Franz Steiner (2008)

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