Charles R. McManis - Publications

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Recent Books and Book Chapters

  • Intellectual Property & Unfair Competition in a Nutshell, West Publishing Company (6th ed., 2009)
  • Licensing Intellectual Property in the Information Age (with K. Port, J. Dratler, F. Hammersley, T. McElwee, & B. Wrigley), Carolina Academic Press (2d ed., 2005; teacher’s manual, 2008)
  • Biodiversity & the Law: Intellectual Property, Biotechnology & Traditional Knowledge,Earthscan Publications (2007)

Recent Articles and Essays

  • “A Rhetorical Response to Boldrin & Levine: Against Intellectual (Property) Extremism,” 5:3 Review of Law & Economics 1081, Article 6 (2009)
  • “Introduction, Symposium on Open Source and Proprietary Models of Innovation: Beyond Ideology,” 30 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 1 (2009)
  • “The Interface of Open Source and Proprietary Agricultural Innovation: Facilitated Access and Benefit-Sharing Under the New FAO Treaty,” 30 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 405 (2009)
  • “The Proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA): Two Tales of a Treaty,” 46 Houston Law Review 1235 (2009)
  • “Teaching Current Trends and Future Developments in Intellectual Property,” 52 Saint Louis University Law Journal 855 (2008); similar version appeared as a chapter in Teaching of Intellectual Property: Principles and Methods (eds. Y. Takagi, L. Allman, & M. Sinjela), Cambridge University Press (2009)
  • “Annual Supplement to Chapter 42, Patents,” 4 Federal Administrative Practice, West (1999–2009)

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