Daniel L. Keating - Publications

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Recent Scholarship

  • "RadLAX Revisited: A Routine Case of Statutory Interpretation or a Sub Rosa Preservation of Bankruptcy Law’s Great Compromise?" 20 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 465 (2012)
  • "From 'Fair Driving' to 'Fair Discharging': Racially Discriminatory Outcomes in Common Consumer Transactions," 20 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 701 (2012) (symposium issue)
  • "Transforming a Non-Claim Into a Claim: § 1114 and the Curious Case of In re Visteon," 85 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 1 (2011)
  • “Examining UCC Title Battles Through a Torts Lens,” 2011 Utah Law Review 255
  • “Automobile Bankruptcies, Retiree Benefits, and the Futility of Springing Priorities in Chapter 11 Reorganizations,” 96 Iowa Law Review 261 (2010)


  • Commercial Law: A Systems Approach (casebook) (Aspen 5th ed. 2012) (with LoPucki, Warren and Mann)
  • Sales: A Systems Approach, Aspen Law and Business (5th ed., 2011)

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