Visiting Assistant Professor Program

The Washington University School of Law Visiting Assistant Professor (VAP) program is designed to train a select few talented law graduates for success in the entry-level law teaching market by providing feedback and assistance in developing academic legal scholarship as well as mentoring and teaching experience. Except in unusual circumstances, VAPs will be appointed for two consecutive academic years. The expectation is that VAPs will participate in the entry-level teaching market beginning in the fall of the second VAP year. Ordinarily, VAPs will be expected to teach one course in each of four semesters in residence. One of these courses might be a seminar. Course assignments will be made by the law school dean based upon academic program needs and the individual VAP’s research and teaching interests. The program is not restricted to any particular methodological or subject matter focus. 

VAPs will be offered mentoring, feedback, and other institutional support to develop their legal scholarship and teaching skills. They will have the opportunity to participate fully in the intellectual life of the law school, including faculty workshops, colloquia and conferences. It is expected that VAPs will complete one scholarly article in the first year of residence and make substantial progress on a second piece during the second year. VAPs will be expected to present their writing to the faculty at a faculty workshop or seminar in order to refine the work and prepare for the scholarly give-and-take that they will face in the entry-level job talk. VAPs will receive a competitive annual salary along with employee benefits and support for research and teaching.  The two-year term is nonrenewable. 

Candidates should demonstrate promise as a legal scholar and teacher and a commitment to pursuing a career in legal academia. The Washington University School of Law is committed to diversity in the legal profession and in legal academia and is interested in applications from persons of color, women, disabled persons and other under-represented groups, and regardless of sexual orientation.   

Thank you for your interest in Washington University Law School.  We are not currently reviewing applications for the Visiting Assistant Professor Program.  We wish you the best of luck in your search.