Quotes in the News Media

The following is a sampling of some of Washington University School of Law faculty's wide-ranging expertise featured in the news media. Please note that some links to external news sources may no longer be available.  

July 2016

July 8: Professor Gregory Magarian, an authority on election law, told the Boston Herald that the lack of a viable alternative to Donald Trump is a major obstacle to freeing delegates that are obligated to vote for him. Read more 

July 8: Professor John Inazu, an authority on freedom of religion, told the Christian Science Monitor that the campaign for gay rights could hurt the ability of faith-based nonprofit organizations to provide charitable services. Read more 

July 7: Professor Gregory Magarian, an expert on the law of politics, discussed the limitations of freeing delegates pledged to Donald Trump in a newshub.com story on Mitt Romney attending the Republican convention. Read more 

July 6: Professor Kathleen Clark, an expert on national security law and government ethics, was quoted in a Wall Street Journal story about Hillary Clinton avoiding charges for her use of private email servers. Read more (subscription required)

July 5: Professor John Inazu, an expert on First Amendment freedoms, wrote a commentary for the Washington Post, in which he urged Americans should be encouraged by the country's ability to work through deep religious and racial divisions in the past. Read more 

July 1: A report prepared by the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic, which argued for nonattainment designation, was mentioned in a story on stlpublicradio.org about an Ameren Missouri power plant that remains open despite pollution concerns. Read more 

July 1: Professor Elizabeth Sepper, who has written extensively on religious liberty versus gay rights, told The Associated Press that a judge's ruling striking down a "religious objections" law in Mississippi protects First Amendment rights for the LGBT community. Read more 

Similar coverage appeared on Worcester Telegram and ABCNews.com 

July 1: Professor Hillary Sale, an expert in corporate governance, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the credibility of Tesla founder Elon Musk took a hit because of his effort to buy a solar energy company in which he already owns a stake. Read more 

July 1: Professor Peter Joy, an authority on comparative ethics, advocated that all states adopt the American Bar Association's rule on lawyer referral fees, which is based on proportionality and joint responsibility, in an article in the ABA Journal. Read more 

June 2016

June 30: Following the Supreme Court decision that struck down a law in Texas that limits access to abortions, Professor Elizabeth Sepper, an expert in health care law and ethics, told the Joplin Globe that proponents of similar laws in Missouri and Kansas would need concrete evidence that the regulations helped to keep them from being struck down as well. Read more  

June 29: Professor Peter Joy, an expert in criminal justice, told Reutersthat hate crime statutes vary widely from state to state, many of them making no mention of or giving any added penalty to crimes committed against members of the LGBT community. Read more 

Similar coverage appeared on The Wire and The Jewish Journal. 

June 28: Professor Lee Epstein, a national expert on empirical judicial research, told the New York Times that the eight Supreme Court justices worked to find common ground in decisions handed down following the death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. Read more 

June 28: Professors Elizabeth Sepper, an expert on health care law, and Susan Appleton, an authority on reproductive rights and family law, joined St. Louis Public Radio for a discussion on how the Supreme Court decision blocking Texas' abortion law would affect a similar law in Missouri. Listen 

June 27: Professor Elizabeth Sepper, an authority on ethics and health care law, told Modern Healthcare that the Supreme Court's decision to strike down a Texas law that limited women's access to abortions would provide guidance and limit restrictions in states with similar laws. Read more 

June 25: Professor Stephen Legomsky, former chief counsel of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, told politico.com that the Supreme Court's decision to block President Obama's immigration reforms makes it more difficult for Hillary Clinton to fulfill her campaign promises to be more aggressive on the issue. Read more 

June 20: Professor Greg Magarian, an expert on the law of politics, told lawnewz.com that political parties aren't bound by state law and can change rules at the convention – having the legal ability to potentially block the nomination of Donald Trump. Read more 

June 20: Professor John Inazu, a national authority on freedom of religion and the law, advocated embracing differences in society without minimizing firm religious convictions in an article he co-authored for Christianity Today. Read more 

June 20: Professor Peter Joy, an expert in criminal justice, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatchthat police immunity from paying for damage to the property of innocent bystanders, while police are pursuing a criminal, has deep historical roots that are changing in some, but not all, cities. Read more  

June 17: Professor Bruce LaPierre, an expert on constitutional law and desegregation, told St. Louis Public Radiothat it was premature to wind down St. Louis' desegregation program. Read more 

June 15: Alumnus Arsalan Iftikhar appeared with PBS' Tavis Smiley to talk about his book Scapegoatsand to discuss consequences of Islamophobia. Watch 

June 10: Professor Elizabeth Sepper, an expert in healthcare law and ethics, told the Huffington Post that reproductive health care advocates had room to challenge laws in states where Catholic hospitals are shielded from liability if a woman dies in their facilities due to mismanagement of a miscarriage. Read more 

June 9: Research published in the Washington University Law Review about the effect of adding police in schools was cited in a Delaware News Journal editorial about increased arrests in schools. Read more 

June 7: Professor John Inazu, an expert on First Amendment freedoms, offers an antidote to Donald Trump and separatist policies in his book Confident Pluralism, according to an editorial the Washington Post. Read here  

Similar coverage appeared in the Staunton (Va.) News Leader, The Waterloo Courier, The OklahomanArizona Daily Star, Bradford (Pa.) Era,Charlotte Observer,Daily News (Longville, WA),Erie Times-News,Janesville (Wisc.) Gazette,Sacramento Bee,San Angelo (Texas) Standard-Times,St. Louis Post-Dispatch,State Journal Register (Springfield, Ill.), and The Sun Herald (Miss). 

June 4: Professor Pauline Kim, an expert on employment discrimination, questioned whether the University of Missouri was using a quota system in hiring minority faculty in a story in the Kansas City Star. Read more  

June 3: Professor Stephen Legomsky, former chief counsel for Citizenship and Immigration Services, wrote an op-ed piece for medium.com that criticized Judge Andrew Hanen, who upheld the lawsuit challenging President Obama's executive order on immigration. Read more 

June 1: A study published in the Washington University Law Review about the increase in lawsuits challenging takeover valuations was cited in a Fortune story about a hedge fund's lawsuit against Dell over its move to go private. Read more 

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