Faculty Event Planning Guide

Room Reservations:

Room reservations for other activities (e.g., conferences, guest speakers, etc.) are handled by the Director of Facilities (Jeff Roberts). The preferred method for requesting the use of a room is to complete the on-line room reservation form, which is available on the Reserve-A-Space web site.

The Dean's office is given priority in the use of the Capps Conference Room (402G) but when it is not needed by the Dean's office it may be scheduled by contacting the staff in the dean's suite.

Special arrangements must be made for the use of the William H. Webster Faculty Commons on the 5th floor and the Faculty Seminar Room on the 3rd floor. These spaces are used for faculty meetings, luncheons, workshops, and like events for faculty. When not in use for these other, more formal events, the Faculty Commons is also available for informal drop-in use by faculty members. These spaces are generally not available for use by classes or student groups, except in extraordinary circumstances (e.g., when no other suitably-sized room in the building is available). They are also not ordinarily available for use by committees or subgroups of faculty where the meeting or discussion would interfere with other faculty uses. Faculty reading groups, such as the Workshop on Empirical Research in Law (WERL), and faculty committees may make arrangements to use the Faculty Commons during off-peak hours (i.e., before 10 a.m. or after 2 p.m.). Any use of the Faculty Seminar Room or Faculty Commons must be approved by the Associate Dean, and your request must explain why other space is unavailable or unsuitable. Once the Associate Dean approves the use of the room, the Director of Facilities or Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development  can actually reserve the room.

There are two indoor student spaces—the Hadley Griffin Student Commons and the Crowder Courtyard. Any scheduled use of the Hadley Griffin Student Commons must have prior approval of the Dean of Students (Elizabeth Walsh) and unless the Dean directs otherwise, all law students will have access to the Hadley Griffin Commons during the scheduled event. Scheduled use of the Crowder Courtyard must be approved through the usual event scheduling process.


In general, signs and flyers cannot be taped or tacked to walls or doors at will; instead, bulletin boards are provided outside faculty offices and near student lockers. Appropriate information regarding events will be shown on plasma screens located on the 1st and 3rd floors of AB Hall and the 1st floor of Seigle Hall. For assistance with usage of the plasma screens contact Web Help at webhelp@wulaw.wustl.edu.

Outside Groups:

Over the summer and during the school year when not required for law school operations, classrooms and the Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom are sometimes rented to other schools of Washington University and outside organizations (e.g., BAR/BRI, CLE providers) for use in presenting lectures, meetings and conferences. The Associate Dean and the Director of Facilties negotiate such arrangements and monitor building usage by such groups. Meeting space in the building is not available for nonprofit and/or law-related organizations. That the organization is supported or sponsored by a member of the law faculty does not reduce or eliminate the standard rental fee. Separate fees are charged for multimedia service, equipment and cleaning.