Liddell is 40

Commemorating the Desegregation Movement in St. Louis And A Look at the Future of Urban Education

Date: Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Questions? Contact 
Katie Herr, or 314.935.5942  

3.9 MCLE credits are expected.



  • Segregation in St. Louis
  • History of the Liddell Litigation 1972-1999
  • Choosing to Integrate Schools
  • From Louisville to Liddell:  Schools, Rhetorical Neutrality, and the Post-Racial Equal Protection Clause
  • Are We Really Racing to The Top, or Leaving Behind the Bottom?  An Assessment of State Successes and Failures
  • The Failure of Federal Education Initiatives:  From No Child Left Behind to Race to the Top
  • Embracing the Equity in Detracking Reforms
  • Is Turner the answer to Liddell?


  • Paulette M. Caldwell (New York University School of Law) 
  • Maurice R. Dyson (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)    
  • D. Bruce LaPierre (Washington University School of Law) 
  • Judge Stephen Limbaugh Sr. 
  • Michael Liddell 
  • Cedric Merlin Powell (University of Louisville) 
  • Kimberly Jade Norwood (Washington University School of Law) 
  • Wendy Parker (Wake Forest University School of Law) 
  • Leland Ware (University of Delaware)    
  • Dr. John A Wright