Commencement 2015 - Regalia Order Form and Participant Form

All Graduates will need to complete the form below no later than Friday, May 1st.

Please indicate if you will be attending Commencement Ceremonies


1. General Information

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2. Regalia Order Form

Please use this section to order your Law Doctor Unit Rental Regalia from the Danforth Campus Book Store for the May 15, 2015 Commencement Ceremony. (Do not order directly from the Campus Book Store.)

Please Note The initial rental cost for your Regalia is covered by the graduation fee that will be billed to your student account this spring. If you do not participate in Commencement your rental regalia fee will be refunded after May 18, 2015. However, all rental regalia must be returned after Commencement. Please be aware that if you fail to return your Rental Regalia by the deadline, you will be billed for the full cost of the Regalia and a hold will be placed on your transcript.

Regalia Rental - Doctor Unit - Law (Tam, Tassel, Gown, and Hood)


Your Height: Round up for 1/2 inches


Hat Size
(measure circumference of your head 1 above your ears)

6 5/8 (Hat) -- 20 3/4 (inches)
6 5/8 (Hat) -- 21 (inches)
6 3/4 (Hat) -- 21 3/8 (inches)
6 7/8 (Hat) -- 21 3/4 (inches)
7 (Hat) -- 22 1/4 (inches)
7 1/8 (Hat) -- 22 1/2 (inches)7 1/4 (Hat) -- 23 (inches)
7 3/8 (Hat) -- 23 3/8 (inches)
7 1/2 (Hat) -- 23 3/4 (inches)
7 5/8 (Hat) -- 23 1/8 (inches)
7 3/4 (Hat) -- 24 1/2 (inches)
7 7/8 (Hat) -- 25 (inches)
8 (Hat)-- 25 1/4 (inches)
8 1/4 (Hat) -- 26 (inches)
I understand that my student account will be billed and a hold placed on my transcript for any rental regalia not returned to the Danforth Campus Bookstore following the Commencement Ceremony. (drop locations will be provided the day of Commencement)

Pickup Rental Regalia May 7-15, 2015
Rental regalia will be available for pickup in the Campus Store, lower level coursebook area, Mallinckrodt Center. Book store will be open until 7:00 pm May 14 and will reopen 7:30 am May 15. Students will be required to present their university photo ID to claim their order.

If you have any questions, please contact:Jeanetta Nixon, Events Department, or (314) 935-6551.

Ceremony Questions

Confirm the degree/degrees you are receiving:
If other, please specify:
Approximate number of guest(s) attending (for planning purposes only):
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Special Needs Seating:
Identifying a need for special seating does not guarantee a reserved spot. We will make our best effort to accommodate requests and will direct guests to appropriate seating immediately prior to the ceremony.:

(Please specify the estimated number of guests who will require special seating (i.e. wheel chair, hearing impaired ) Only the person requiring special seating and a companion will be allowed to sit in the special needs section; Due to the requirements for special seating, we are not able to accommodate complete family groups.)

Contact if you have a problem completing the form.