Faculty and Facilities



Peter Joy
Peter Joy

The clinic faculty is Professor Peter Joy. Professor Joy works closely with the students and supervising attorneys from the Public Defenders Office, directly supervise students on some cases, and consult with students and supervising attorneys on other cases.

Professor Joy’s office at the law school is located in the Washington University School of Law Library Room 587. Professor Joy may be contacted by phone at 314-935-6445 or e-mail at joy@wulaw.wustl.edu 





Outside view of the Justice Center in Clayton where
the St. Louis County Public Defender office is located.

Clinic students work out of the St. Louis County office of the Missouri Public Defender at the Justice Center in Clayton at 100 S. Central, 2nd Floor, located at the corner of S. Central and Carondolet.  Parking is located at meters, lots or garages nearby. Each student will work out of their own cubicle provided with a desk, telephone and computer with Internet access in the Public Defenders Office.

Following are some of the attorneys and staff from the Public Defenders Office who participate in supervising students in the clinic. [Click on the photo to view the full version.]


Attorney and Intern Coordinator,
Pat Brayer.
Attorney, Mark Lund.
Attorney, Mike Mettes
Attorney, Reuben Rigel 
Attorney, Lyn Ruess 
Attorney, Dan Sayle
Attorney, Sara Serot
Investigator, Rick Herndon
Investigator, Andrew Rackers
Clerk, Greg Fitzpatrick.
Student interns enjoying lunch
in the break room.
Felicia, Kim, and Al, attorneys,
conferencing about a case.
Jennifer Guirl, class of 2001,
intern at work in a student carrel
at the St. Louis County Public
Defender Office.