Fall 2008 Booklist

The following list includes information on textbooks for courses in the noted semester. Textbooks for courses should be available for purchase at the Campus Book Store, prior to the beginning of classes. EFollett maintains an Online Campus Store where students may order class books online. The Campus Bookstore is located in the ground floor of Mallinckrodt Center, in the middle of the Hilltop Campus. Course books are located in the lower half of the Campus Bookstore and are separated by school and department so students may find their textbooks easily.

In the absence of a link below, there is currently no information available online at this time.  For courses that say No Book Required, please consult the Course Website page to see any special instructions related to course materials.  More course information is listed on the Course Websites, which can be found on the Law School Intranet (MyLaw), click on a course title to see more details.  PLEASE NOTE: Course websites are not available until the first of August 2008. 

First Year Courses

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Upper Level Courses

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Tax Courses

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Contact Information:

Molly M. Burkot
Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Student Services
E-mail: mburkot@wulaw.wustl.edu or Phone: (314) 935-6438