First-year, Upperclass, and LL.M.-Tax Booklist - Summer 2000

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    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    W74-641K sec 01

    Moore Photocopied Materials in Room 301.

    -Riskin & Westbrook, Dispute Resolution for Lawyers, West, 2nd edition, 1998 (Abridged, paperback edition)

    First Amendment

    W74-604B sec 01

    Bodensteiner -Sullivan & Gunther, "First Amendment Law," Foundation, 1999
    Juvenile Justice

    W74-556A sec 01

    Gardner Photocopied Materials in Room 301.

    -Gardner, Martin R., "Understanding Juvenile Law," Matthew Bender, 1997

    Sports Law

    W74-510B sec 01

    Yasser -Yasser, McCurdy, Goplerud & Weston, "Sports Law: Cases and Materials," Anderson, 4th edition, 2000
    Judicial Clerkship Externship

    W74-654 sec 01

    Bobinette No text.
    Lawyering Practice Externships

    W74-798A sec 01

    Bobinette No text.