E-Mail Services

Student Email--GO WUSTL


To login or activate your GoWustl use the logo login link. 



GO WUSTL is the suite of communication tools for Washington University in St. Louis students.  Many helpful resources are located at go.wustl.edu.


Access to GO WUSTL

  • It is recommended that you use the GO Wustl site to access your email. It is also very important that if you experience any issue accessing your account that you first visit http://go.wustl.edu for any important updates.

Faculty and Staff

The Law School uses Microsoft's Outlook/Exchange e-mail system as its official e-mail provider. Each faculty and staff member has a unique account on our e-mail system which can be accessed in three basic ways, all listed below. The instructions on this page will assist you in accessing and maintaining your e-mail account. Please remember that you are responsible for checking this account daily.  Many administrative notices are distributed exclusively through the School's e-mail system.

Accessing your E-Mail Account - Available Methods

  • Outlook 2010 application (part of Microsoft Office Suite 2010) on your own PC or in the School's Computer Labs (Rooms 252 and 253)
  • Outlook 2010 Web Access: https://mail.law.wustl.edu 

Outlook Information:


Outlook 2010:

MAC Mail 


Other Instructions:

  • Viewing mail caught in the spam filter (MessageScreen)
    Note: Messages captured in the spam filter will not appear in your e-mail inbox.  You must use the MessageScreen application to view these items.  Items held for more than two weeks in the spam filter will be permanently deleted
  • Setting up Outlook 2003  
  • Note: This application is not provided by the Law School for private computers but can be purchased at a reduced price in the University bookstore (located in the Mallinckrodt Student Center). In some cases the application will come bundled with the Microsoft Office 2003 Suite