St. Louis Based Clinic/Externship Registration

Clinic registration for all St. Louis based clinics and externships takes place in March of each year.  Please remember that registration is for both the fall and spring semesters of the coming academic year.  Also, note that you are looking at the academic year as a whole when you make your selections, not one semester at a time.

Unlike with most course offerings, you may not register yourself for clinical courses.  Instead, you must complete a pre-registration form and submit a statement of interest and resume in advance of registration.  After you have been selected in a clinic, you will automatically be registered .

The pre-registration form is submitted online.  A link to the pre-registration form will be announced in advance of the pre-registration deadline. 

Priority is not given based on the order in which pre-registration submissions are received, except that any student whose submission arrives after the deadline will get the least priority (even if that student is a rising 3L). 

Pre-registering does not guarantee placement.  Email notices confirming placements in clinics will be sent to students by a specified date, once registration is complete.  You will also be notified if you were not accepted into a clinic.   Your name will automatically be placed on the appropriate waitlist(s), which are kept by hand by the Clinical Operations Manager.  Clinic waitlists do not appear in WebSTAC, nor do they count toward your maximum number of credits allowed when registering online.

If you are placed in a clinic other than your first choice clinic, you will automatically be put on the waitlist(s) for all other clinics that were higher on your preference list than the one into which you were placed.  If a spot in one of those clinics becomes available for you, the Clinical Operations Manager will email you and you will have the opportunity to accept or decline the opening – but you will be given a deadline by which to respond, so be sure to check your email regularly.  Note that some waitlists move significantly and students generally do get into clinics off waitlists, although sometimes it does not happen until close to the drop deadlines for clinics.

Clinic Fair

Before making your clinic selections, we advise you to attend the Clinic Fair.  A recording of this informational session will also be placed on this website. Click here to watch the video of the St. Louis Based Clinic/Externship Informational Session held on Thursday, February 25, 2016.

Pre-Registration Information

  • AY 16-17 St. Louis Based Clinic Fair Handout [view PDF]
  • Click here to register for St. Louis based Clinics/Externships

Please contact Katie Herr at if you have any questions.