American Indian Law Summer Program - Archived

Faculty: Adjunct Professor Steven Gunn
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Students in the American Indian Law Externship.

Through the American Indian Law Summer Program, law students at Washington University have the opportunity to work with select American Indian tribes to help them safeguard their rights and develop their legal institutions, infrastructures, and economies. Students participate in policy development, legislative advocacy, litigation, and transactional work.

The continued viability of Indian tribes depends, in large part, on the preservation of their land and natural resources and the development of their tribal economies in a manner consistent with their cultural and religious traditions. The success of these efforts, in turn, depends on the independence and strength of tribal governments and the ability of Indian people to defend and protect their legal rights.

Students who participate in the Summer Program will work for the legal department of an Indian tribe, on location on the tribe’s reservation. Students may also be able to work for a national or regional Indian rights organization. Historically, students have worked in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Hawaii, but placements may vary each summer.