Judicial Clerkship Externship

Faculty: Professors Charles Bobinette and Mary Perry 

The Summer Judicial Clerkship Externship is an opportunity for students to gain experience working as unpaid law clerks for judges over the summer. The Summer Lawyering Practice Externship is an opportunity for students to gain lawyering experience and course credit through unpaid summer internships. 

Judicial Clerkship Externship students can work for state, federal, trial judges at the trial level (including district, magistrate, and bankruptcy) or appellate level in Missouri, Illinois, or elsewhere in the United States. The summer Judicial Clerkship Externship course primarily utilizes a cadre of participating judges in the St. Louis metropolitan area, in both Missouri and Illinois, who supervise Judicial Clerkship Externship students during the regular academic year. Students who wish to do summer clerkships with judges outside the St. Louis metropolitan area may do so, but must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the faculty instructors that the proposed placement is comparable in rigor to the local placements.  [view more information]