Government Lawyering Externship

Faculty: Amany Ragab Hacking, Adjunct Faculty  

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THE GOVERNMENT LAWYERING EXTERNSHIP provides the opportunity for students to work with attorneys in the Criminal and Civil Divisions of the United States Attorney’s Offices for both the Eastern District of Missouri and the Southern District of Illinois.  Students in the Criminal Division gain exposure to all facets of criminal investigation and prosecution, including fact investigation, drafting charges, discovery, motion practice, trial preparation, and appellate work. Students in the Civil Division engage in a variety of litigation-related activities, including interviewing witnesses, drafting and responding to pleadings and discovery requests, and researching and writing motions, memoranda, and appellate briefs.

STUDENTS: Click here to view information about the Government Lawyering Externship. This handout provides general information that will be helpful for you to know before registering.