2003-2004 Speaker Videos

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Lee Bollinger

The Foundations of the Principle of Academic Freedom
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Amy L. Chua

How Exporting Free Markets and Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability
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Gerald Early

Multiculturalism, Reparations, and the Politics of Memory
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Hon. Harry T. Edwards

A Conversation with Judge Edwards
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James W. Ellis

Mental Disability and the Death Penalty: The Implications of Atkins
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Herma Hill Kay

Celebrating Early Women Law Professors
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Martha L. Minow

After Brown: Surprising Legacies of the Civil Rights Landmark
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Theodore M. Shaw

From Brown to Grutter: The Legal Struggle for Racial Equality
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Elizabeth Warren

The Over-Consumption Myth and Other Tales of Economics, Law, and Morality
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Susan M. Williams

Issues of Justice Relating to American Indian Tribal Government
[View Video(NOTE: The video has some audio problems due to feedback)]

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