2005-2006 Speaker Videos

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James Anaya

Indian Givers: What Indigenous Peoples Have Contributed to International Human Rights Law
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Randy E. Barnett

The Presumption of Liberty and the Public Interest: Medical Marijuana and Fundamental Rights
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Tom Beauchamp

Physician-Assisted Hastening of Death: Who Ought to Decide?
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David Boies

Judicial Independence and the Rule of Law
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Stephen B. Bright

Crime, Prison, and the Death Penalty
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Sarah M. Buel

Navigating the Troubled Waters of Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy
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Sheryll D. Cashin

Shall We Overcome? Democracy, Race & Multiculturalism in the 21st Century
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Martha Chamallas

Civil Rights and Civil Litigation
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Stephanie Coontz

Courting Disaster?  The World Historical Transformation of Marriage
[no video available]

Marc Galanter

Fewer Trials, More Law, More Jokes
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Jennifer Gordon

Lawyers and Labor: The Role of Law in Organizing Low-Wage Workers
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Pamela S. Karlan

The Paradoxical Structure of Constitutional Litigation
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Gerald López

A Rebellious Vision of Community Problem Solving
[Video not available at this time]

Geoffrey R. Stone

Civil Liberties in Wartime
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