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Justice, Ethics, and Interdisciplinary Teaching and Practice: Mental Health and the Law 

Friday, March 19, 2004   

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Introductory Remarks

John Drobak, J.D. - George Alexander Madill Professor of Law and Professor of Economics, and Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies; and
Karen Tokarz, J.D. - Professor of Law and Director, Clinical Education and ADR Programs, Washington University in St. Louis

Keynote Address

“Mental Disability and the Death Penalty - the Implications of Atkins”   
View Video (includes intro from Professor Karen Tokarz) - James W. Ellis, J.D. - Professor of Law, University of New Mexico 

Plenary: Competency and Ethical Considerations  

View Video - Peter A. JoyJ.D. - Professor of Law and Director, Criminal Justice Clinic, Washington University in St. Louis, moderator;    
View Video - Lynda E. Frost, Ph.D., J.D. - Associate Director of Mental Health Policy and Law, Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, University of Texas at Austin,    
View Video - Adrienne E. VolenikJ.D. - Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Mental Disabilities Law Clinic, University of Richmond;   
View Video - Wenona Y. WhitfieldJ.D. - Associate Professor of Law, Southern Illinois University; 
View Video - Maureen HackettM.D. - Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota Department of Psychiatry

View Video - Morning Questions & Answers  

Plenary: Mental Disability and International Human Rights Law 

View Video - Arlene S. KanterJ.D. - Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Legal Education, Syracuse University
View Video - Michael L. Perlin, J.D. - Professor of Law, New York Law School.

View Video - Kanter & Perlin Question Session

Plenary: Mental Health Assessments and Interventions in the Juvenile Justice System 

View Video - Susan L. BrooksM.A., J.D. - Clinical Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University, moderator;  
View Video - Matthew O. HowardPh.D. - Associate Professor/Senior Researcher.   
View Video - Michael J. JenuwinePh.D., J.D. - Clinical Associate Professor of Law and Associate Director, Child Advocacy Clinic, Indiana University; 
View Video - Richard E. ReddingPh.D., J.D. - Associate Professor of Law and Director, Law and Psychology Program, Villanova University
View Video - James Herbert WilliamsPh.D. - Associate Dean and E. Desmond Lee Professor of Racial and Ethnic Diversity, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis; 

Plenary: Homelessness, Homeless Courts, and Mental Health Courts 

View Video - Steven GunnJ.D. - Associate Professor of Law, Civil Justice Clinic, Washington University in St. Louis, moderator;
View Video - Jennifer HeggemannM.S.W. - Director of Social Work, Housing and Homeless Projects, 
View Video - Ann LeverJ.D. - Director of Managing Attorneys, Legal Services of Eastern Missouri;   
View Video - Susan McGraughJ.D. - Assistant Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Criminal Clinic, Saint Louis University;   
View Video - Michelle Geller, L.C.S.W. - Social Service Coordinator, Edwin F. Mandel Legal Aid Clinic,   
View Video - Mark J. HeyrmanJ.D. - Clinical Professor of Law and Faculty Director of Clinical Programs, The University of Chicago  

View Video - Video Presentation   
View Video - Question and Answer  

View Video - Access to Justice Awards   

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