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Planning Reform In The New Century

Friday, 3 December – Anheuser-Busch Hall
  Welcome Remarks and Introduction - view video
Panel I – Political Leadership In Planning Statute Reform
Chair: Dee Joyner - Commerce Bank of Saint Louis 
Panel: Ricca Slone - Illinois State Legislature  view video
John Nolon - Pace University School of Law view video
Commentator: Fred Bosselman - Chicago-Kent College of Law
view video
Questions & Answers - view video
Panel II – A Survey & Critique of Contemporary Efforts/Growing Smart
Introduction - view video
Chair: Gary Feder - Husch & Eppenberger LLC    
Panel: Stuart Meck - American Planning Association   view video
John Delaney - Linowes and Blocher LLP view video
Commentator: Jerry Weitz - Jerry Weitz & Associates, Inc.  view video
Questions & Answers - view video
Friday, 3 December – Anheuser-Busch Hall
Panel III – Sprawl and Urban Growth
Introduction - view video
Chair: Alan Bornstein - Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP   view video
Panel: Robert Freilich  - Freilich, Leitner & Carlisle   view video
Gerrit-Jan Knaap - University of Maryland   view video
Commentator: Rolf Pendall  - Cornell University   view video
Questions & Answers - view video
 PanelIV – The Role of the Comprehensive Plan
Chair: J. Wayne Oldroyd - City of Maryland Heights   view video
Panel: Edward Sullivan - Garvey, Schubert & Barer view video
Thomas Pelham - Fowler White Boggs Banker view video
Commentator: Nancy Stroud - Weiss, Sarota, Pastoriza & Guedes view video
Questions & Answers - view video
Discussion and Closing Remarks
Comments - Ricca Slone - view video
Comments - Daniel Mandelker and Ricca Slone view video
Keynote – Marcy Kaptur - United States Congress  
Saturday, 4 December – Anheuser-Busch Hall
Panel V – Housing and Regulatory Streamlining
Introduction: Daniel Mandelker and Peter Salsich, Jr. - view video
Chair: Peter Salsich, Jr. - Saint Louis University School of Law  
Panel: Anthony Downs - The Brookings Institution  view video
  Charles Daye - University of North Carolina view video
Commentator: Dwight Merriam - Robinson & Cole LLP view video
Questions & Answers - view video
Panel VI – Evaluating the Impacts of State and Local Programs
Introduction: view video
Chair: Shulamith Simon -Jones, Haywood, Bick, Kistner & Jones 
Panel: Shirley Abrahamson - Supreme Court of Wisconsin view video
Michael Berger - Berger & Norton  view video
Commentator: Vicki Been - New York University School of Law  view video
Keynote: Paul Farmer - American Planning Association  
Other Observer Participants:

Rachelle Alterman - Technion-Israel Institute

Robert Einsweiler -
Past President of the American Planning Association
Sharon Krefetz - Clark University  
John Payne -
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey School of Law
Dan Tarlock - ITT Chicago-Kent College of Law  

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