Africa Project Sponsors Lectures and Seminars

The Africa Public Interest Law and Conflict Resolution Project frequently sponsors lectures and seminars open to the university and the community.

In Spring 2007, The Africa Project presented three programs: Linda Biehl and Ntobeko Peni spoke on Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa in November 2006, in conjunction with several university organizations. Ahmed Katharada, a leader in the South African liberation struggle with Nelson Mandela spoke on Memoirs from on Robben Island, co-sponsored with the School of Law SBA Diversity Committee and International Law Society, and the African Student Association in spring 2006.  [click here to view video ]

The Africa Project co-hosted a panel discussion on War and Peace in the Sudan: The Humanitarian Crisis in Darfur with the College of Arts & Sciences International & Area Studies Program, and Amnesty International in spring 2006.  Panelists included Ruth Iyob, Professor of Political Science, UMSL; Jon Sawyer, Director, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Washington, D.C.; and Peter Takirambudde, Executive Director, Human Rights Watch Africa Division.

The Africa Project co-sponsored a lecture, “I’ll be Back” - Charles Taylor, Terrorists, Warlords & Thugs: International Criminal Law in the 21st Century, by David M. Crane, former Chief Prosecutor for the Special Court for Sierra Leone, with the Whitney Harris Institute for Global Legal Studies in November 2005. [click here to view video ]

The Africa Project co-hosted a conversation with Hernando de Soto, President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy and author, The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Succeeds in the West and Fails Everywhere Else, with the Richard A Gephardt Institute for Public Service in September 2005.  [click here to view video ]

The Africa Project coordinated a discussion on The Holocaust in the Congo - Then and Today, with Adam Hochschild, author of King Leopold’s Ghost, with the Assembly Series in November 2004. [click here to view video ]

To read more about working in Africa, please download a copy of the manual developed by past students at: /clinicaled/documents/samanual.pdf.

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