Urban Revitalization Clinical Practicum

Faculty: Adjunct Professors Ryan Rippel, Tino Ochoa Jr. and Brian Weaver  

The URBAN REVITALIZATION CLINICAL PRACTICUM provides students with instruction in the laws and policies governing urban areas coupled with real life lawyering experience in handling ongoing urban revitalization matters in the St. Louis metropolitan region. During weekly class sessions, the course will use local government law to examine some of the institutional, legal, and public policy challenges and solutions to urban decline and social and economic inequality. Classes will also address the professional skills lawyers use to represent municipal, private sector, and community interests on urban revitalization issues.

The majority of the student’s course time will be spent working with the instructors, practicing attorneys in the field, on ongoing urban revitalization matters in the St. Louis area. Students will assist the lawyers in representing pro bono government, nonprofit organization, or individual clients on legal matters before local and state commissions, boards, and courts. This hands-on legal work will provide students with the opportunity to develop lawyering skills such as interviewing and counseling, fact development and analysis, problem solving, legal research and writing, organization and management of legal work, negotiation, oral advocacy, and professionalism.

STUDENTS: Click here to view the course description for the Urban Revitalization Practicum.