Student Information - Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Property Clinic


The Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Property (EIP) Clinic provides students with experiential, hands-on training in all aspects of legal practice related to nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurial endeavors, social enterprise and start-up entities, and intellectual property matters. Under the supervision of EIP Clinic faculty, student attorneys provide clients with a broad spectrum of legal advice and services, ranging from forming an entity, to meeting with clients, to drafting a wide variety of documents, to filing required forms with government authorities, to negotiating with adverse parties. Students also conduct educational workshops and generally serve in the role of an attorney in a full-service private practice providing similar services to for-profit and nonprofit business clients.

The EIP Clinic seeks to provide a realistic law firm experience including the type and quality of legal work, client management, protocol, and firm management responsibilities. Accordingly, the operations of the EIP Clinic are similar to that of a law firm and student attorneys are bound by professional rules of responsibility as if they are practicing in a law firm. 


What kind of commitment is required of me? 

In addition to attending 120-minute class seminar held once a week, each student enrolled in the EIP Clinic is expected to work on client matters a minimum of 21 (for 6 credits) or 28 (for 8 credits) hours per week. Class seminar counts towards the weekly hours requirement.

I don't have a technical background. Can I still enroll in the EIP Clinic? 

Yes, although it is helpful to have technological experience for IP-related matters, the EIP Clinic serves clients whose needs do not always require a technical degree. Students will work on matters assisting entrepreneurs and entities with general transactional matters. Additionally, students will have opportunities to work on trademark and copyright matters. You do not have to be a “techie” to be in the EIP Clinic.

I am a law student; how will I be able to counsel entrepreneurs and corporations with their legal issues?  

In addition to the weekly seminar, you will receive substantial and ongoing training in how to provide the services that the EIP Clinic’s clients routinely need. The EIP Clinic work is conducted in the Clinic Suite and the Clinic faculty is readily available to answer questions, provide guidance, and attend meetings.

Clinical Experience from a Student’s Perspective

The opportunity to work as a student attorney in the EIP Clinic exposes students to the practice of law in a full-service law firm. Students get exposure to a multitude of practice areas, including corporate law, intellectual property, tax, contract drafting, real estate, and others. Throughout the course of the semester, each student attorney will manage their assigned clients. Student will communicate and meet with each client regularly throughout the semester. Students learn that practicing law is much more than just fixing the legal problem at hand. Students learn about the business implications of any legal solution. Additionally, students learn effective client management skills.

Students report that the EIP Clinic was the single best law school experience that prepared them for their legal career. 

Practicing law is more than knowing the law; you have to apply that knowledge to a real-life,
multi-faceted situation with potentially conflicting priorities.

The EIP Clinic endeavors to provide students with the tools to confidently meet with clients,
understand what the client needs, and provide high quality legal work to satisfy those needs
all while simultaneously balancing client needs, time constraints, and office protocol.

Quick Reference:

Credit Hours: 6 or 8
Weekly Seminar: Wednesdays 3:00-5:00 pm

Faculty Contact Information: 
Salvatore Gianino, 314-935-7960 |