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Schedule as of September 19, 2013 

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FRIDAY, September 27

11:30 am                    Registration Opens 
                                    Location:  Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom - Foyer (Room 310)

Noon – 12:15 pm       Introduction and Opening Remarks 
                                    Location: Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom (Room 310)
                                    Adrienne Davis and Mireille Miller-Young, conveners 
                                    Marion Crain, Director of the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Work and Social Capital, 
                                      Vice Provost and Wiley B. Rutledge Professor of Law

12:15-12:30 pm          Break – Lunch Pickup 

12:30-1:45 pm            Concurrent Workshops and Lunch   

                                   "Creating a Black Sexualities Syllabus"

                                        Felice Blake and Xavier Livermon

                                   " Black (Sexuality) Studies: Institutionalization and Administration"

                                        Adrienne Davis and Dwight McBride      

                                   "The Social Justice Sexuality Project"

                                       Juan Battle

1:45-2:00 pm             Break

2:00-3:30 pm             Concurrent Panels - Session I
                                    I-A  Intimacy, Survival, and Freedom: Historicizing Black Sexual Labor and Politics

                                           Deborah Dinner, Chair

                                           Emily Alyssa Owens, “Fantasies of Consent: Black Women's Sexual Labor in 19th Century New Orleans”

                                           Cheryl Hicks, “The Amazing Story of Hanna Elias: Interracial Intimacy and Black Sexual Politics in 
                                           Plessy-Era New York”

                                           Jared Leighton, “Freedom Indivisible: Black Gays and Lesbians in the Civil Rights Movement”

                                           Jennifer Jones, “The Ultimate in Survival Against a Hostile White World: African American Physicians, 
                                           Homosexuality, and the Quest for Communal Well-Being”

                                    I-B  Minstrels, Menstruals, and (Blues) Ministers: Productivity, Reproductivity, and Black Women’s Self-Fashioning

                                           Karen Tokarz, Chair

                                           Erica Edwards, “The Performative Economy of Loyalty and the Visual Economy of Black Wives”

                                           Shana Redmond, “Gospel Drag: The Dress that the Blues Built”

                                           Sara Clarke Kaplan, “Is that Your Mama on the Pancake Box?” 

                                           Kai Small, “Basketball (Non)Wives: Failed Hetero-normativity and Performative Repertoires of Violence”

                                    I-C  Transnational Sexualities: Representation, Activism, and Circulations of  Desire

                                           Goldburn Maynard, Chair

                                           Lia Bascomb, “Barbadian Sexualities: Sex, Popular Culture, and Representation of the Nation”

                                           Angelique V. Nixon, “Searching for the Erotic: Boundaries of Male Same-Sex Desire in Caribbean Film”

                                           Tanya Saunders, “The Black Lesbian International: A Comparative Analysis of Black Lesbian Activism  
                                           and Hip Hop Feminism in Brazil and Cuba”

                                           Erica L. Williams, “No Bodily Rights Worth Protecting: Transnational Circulations of Black Hypersexuality 
                                           in Brazil”

3:30-3:45 pm            Break

3:45-5:15 pm            Concurrent Panels - Session II
                                   II-A  Mapping the Erotic: Terrains, Frontiers, and Undergrounds of Black Queer Life

                                           Linda Nicholson, Chair

                                           Kwame Holmes, “The Impossibility of Black Homophobia: Postwar Urban History and the Geography 
                                           of Sexual Anxiety”

                                           Darius Bost, “Leaving the Black Underground: Race-ing and Sexing Melvin Dixon's Vanishing Rooms”

                                           Kai Green, “Mapping the Erotic Terrain: Black Lesbians Imprint/In Print Culture” 

                                           Jillian Hernandez, “Style Blues: Young Black Lesbians Theorize Masculinity”

                                   II-B  Voids and Exposures: Excess, Affect, and the Black Body

                                           Annette Appell, Chair

                                           Tsione Wolde-Michael, “Weavings of an Intimate Nature: Affects in American Slavery, 1820-1895”

                                           Cecilio Cooper, “Gender and Its Voids: Impaired Black Capacity for Gender Differentiation”

                                           Ianna Owen, “Searching for the Black Asexual”

                                           Zakiyyah Iman Jackson, “Organ(ic) Matters, Genealogical Mutations: The Art of Wangechi Mutu”

                                   II-C  Quare Praxis and Faith: Rethinking Erotic Ethics and Religiosity

                                           Iver Bernstein, Chair

                                           Tabitha Chester, “Righteous Discontent: SGL Black Men Performing and Demanding Inclusion in the 
                                           Black Church”

                                           Quincy James Rineheart, “Daddy's Little Boys: Bishop Eddie Long and Negotiations of Control Through 
                                           Homoeroticism in the Black Church”

                                           Marlon Moore, “In the Life & In the Spirit”
                                           Jennifer Leath, “Believing Deviance: Theorizing Quare Praxis and Faith”

5:15-5:45 pm            Break

5:45-7:15pm             Plenary I: Sexual Economies and Black Queer Futurity

                                  Rebecca Wanzo, Chair

                                  Jeffrey McCune, “‘Happy At Last’: New Epistemologies from the Closet”
                                      Jennifer DeVere Brody, Comment

                                  Matt Richardson and Marlon M. Bailey, “Why Keep on Trippin’? Queers are the Future: Constructing Blackness, 
                                  Regulating Gender”
                                      E. Patrick Johnson, Comment

8:00 p.m.                  Dine Around Dinner


SATURDAY, September 28

8:30 am                 Registration Opens 
                                 Location:  Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom Foyer (Room 310)

9:00-10:30 am          Concurrent Panels – Session III

                                  III-A  Deviance, Defiance, and Displacement: Erotic Aesthetics and Economies

                                           Jonathan Fenderson, Chair

                                           Alix Andrew Chapman, “Looking for Trade: Erotic Crossings Among the Displaced”

                                           Derrias Carter, “Sweetback's Queer Manhood”

                                           Darieck Scott, “Big Black Beauty: Black Male Figures in Gay Erotic Comics”

                                  III-B  Strategic Negotiations: Against Psychic and Intimate Policing

                                           Susan Appleton, Chair

                                           Nicola Beisel, “Black Women and Planned Parenthood: Questions about Sexuality and Reproduction 
                                           During the Sexual Revolution”

                                           Shannon Miller, “When Homophobia Turns Violent: African American Queer Women Recount their Mothers' 
                                           Sexuality and Gender Policing”

                                           Shea Dunham, “Emotional Skillfulness in African American Marriage: Intimate Safety as a Mediator of the 
                                           Relationship Between Emotional Skillfulness and Marital Satisfaction” 

                                           Amber Johnson, "Confessions of a Video Vixen:  An Intersectional Approach to Black Sexuality and

                                  III-C  Desire in the Archive: Visualizing Sexuality and Social Capital

                                           Mary Ann Dzuback, Chair

                                           Aliyya Abdur-Rahman, “Sexuality and the Visual Archive of New World Slavery”

                                           LaNita Gregory Campbell, “Lady in Red: Black Women, HIV/AIDS, and Down Low Discourse” 

                                           Amanda Hobson, “G-Girls and Pillow Fights: The Representation of Black Lesbian Identity in Dunye's 
                                           Stranger Inside”

                                           Henry Hamilton, “Queer Desire in Black and White: Isaac Julien's Nocturnes”

10:30-10:45 am       Break

10:45-12:15 pm       Plenary II:  Beyond the Sexual Economies of Compulsory Monogamy: Love Bizarres, Cuckold Porn, 
                                 and Sex Work

                                 John Baugh, Chair

                                 LaMonda Horton-Stallings, Beyond Ethical Slutting and the Marriage Crisis: Funktional Non-Monogamy and a 
                                 Critique of Human Ethics in Polysexuality and Polyamory“”
                                     Rinaldo Walcott, Comment

                                 Mireille Miller-Young and Xavier Livermon, “Black Stud, White Desire: Black Masculinity in Cuckold Pornography and 
                                 Sex Work”
                                     Dwight McBride, Comment

12:15-12:30 pm      Break – Lunch Pickup

12:30-1:45 pm        Concurrent Workshops and Lunch
                                Black Sexualities Pedagogies
                                     LaMonda Horton-Stallings, Matt Richardson and Jeffrey McCune

                                Black Sexualities Research Methods: Archives and Ethnography
                                     Marlon M. Bailey and Mireille Miller-Young

1:45-2:00 pm          Break

2:00-3:30 pm          Plenary III: Rethinking and Reflecting on the Visuality of Black Sexual Economies

                                Shefali Chandra, Chair

                                Felice Blake, “Framing the Video Vixen: Rethinking the Politics of Black Hypersexuality”
                                    Tricia Rose, Comment

                                Adrienne Davis, “The Sexual Economy of Slavery: Reflections on Yinka Shonibare’s Mother and Father Worked  
                                Hard So I Could Play”
                                    Cathy Cohen, Comment

3:30-3:45 pm         Break

3:45-5:15 pm         Concurrent Panels – Session IV

                                IV-A   Perverting Power: Transgressive Pornographics, Playful Subversions

                                          Anca Parvulescu, Chair

                                          Jennifer Nash, “Race Pleasure on the Pornographic Screen: Reading Sex World”

                                          Jordache Ellapen, “Theater of Transgression and Confession: Subverting Masculinities in Gay, Interracial,  
                                          Bareback Pornography”

                                          Ariane Cruz, “Playin' Race: Race Play, Black Women and BDSM”

                                IV-B  Spectacular Pleasures: Queering Race and Sex

                                         Jean Allman, Chair
                                         Pier Dominguez, “Racial Queering the Dramedy: The Pleasures of Melodramatic Spectacle in Noah's Arc”

                                         Sami Schalk, “Is Alien Sex Queer Sex? Queer Pleasures in Octavia Butler's Science Fiction”

                                          J.N. Salters, “The Personals are Political: The Politics of Sex Work, Privacy, and Black Women's Citizenship”

                                         Amber Jamilla Musser, “Kara Walker, Mollena and the Possibilities of Black Female Mascochism” 

                                IV-C  Black Sexuality as Frame/Work: Rethinking the Field

                                         C. Riley Snorton, Chair

                                         Rosamond S. King, “Collapsing Identities, Coalition Politics, and the Political Economy of Black Queer Studies”

                                         Alison Reed, “The Whiter the Bread the Quicker You're Dead: Fetishization of Black Sexuality and Claims to  
                                         Postwhite Injury in Queer Studies”

                                         Christopher Smith, “On a Politics of Authorization: Black Queer Cultural Production as Sociological Intervention”

                                         David Green, “Girl That Method is Snatched! An Intellectual History of the Erotic and the Quest for Black  
                                         Lesbian Herstories”

5:15-5:30 pm         Break

5:30-6:30 pm         Engaged Roundtable and Closing Remarks
                               Speakers:  Cathy Cohen, Jennifer DeVere Brody, E. Patrick Johnson, Dwight McBride, Tricia Rose, Rinaldo Walcott

                               Adrienne Davis (Moderator)
                               Location:  Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom, Room 310

6:30-7:00 pm        Book Signing
                              Books by BSE Research Scholars, Senior Scholars, and Published Participants 
                              Location:  Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom Foyer, Room 310