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Dinner explores legal history and feminist vision of sex equality in the workplace

Oct. 18, 2011 – Washington University in St. Louis
Deborah Dinner, Professor of Law, is a legal historian whose research focuses on the history of gender, work, and family.  Professor Dinner comments on formal rights for equal treatment of women in employment. more

Reflections on the Meaning of Labor Day

September 5, 2011 - American Consistution Society blog post by Marion Crain, Director of the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Work and Social Capital and Whiley B. Rutledge Professor of Law, Washington University School of Law more... 

U.S. Should Ratify, Align Labor Laws with Domestic Workers Convention

August 1, 2011 - Washington University in St. Louis
Peggie Smith, employment law expert and professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis, comments on the invisible workforce inside U.S. homes in need of legal protection.  more...

Employment Data May Be the Key to the President’s Job

June 1, 2011 - New York Times
Christina Romer, who headed the president’s Council of Economic Advisers until fall 2010, said in a recent speech at Washington University in St. Louis that no part of the government was addressing unemployment with sufficient urgency or hope. more... 

Former economic aide to Obama stresses progressive taxation

April 13, 2011 – Student Life, Washington University
By Kate Gaertner, Contributing Reporter
Christina Romer, former chairwoman of the Council of Economic Advisers, served as the keynote speaker at Washington University’s Livable Lives Initiative’s first public event. The Livable Lives Initiative is a University-wide program led by the Center for Social Development that seeks to explore the effects of policy changes on Americans in low and middle class income brackets. more

Jobless need more help from Congress, former top Obama economist says

April 13, 2011 – St. Louis Beacon
By Dale Singer
At a panel discussion at Washington University Tuesday, Romer and four faculty members discussed the causes, cures and questions surrounding the nation's stubborn unemployment situation. more...

Ex-presidential adviser makes case for more stimulus

April 12, 2011 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
By David Nicklaus
Christina Romer left her high-profile government job last year, but she still cares deeply about the economic policy debate in Washington. These days, she said in a speech Tuesday at Washington University in St. Louis, she doesn't like the way the debate is being framed… more...

Skyrocketing oil prices likely to have an effect on hiring

April 12, 2011 – KMOV St. Louis
The skyrocketing cost of gas is already taking a toll on the economy, and Christina Romer, one of President Obama’s former economic advisors at Washington University in St. Louis says… more

Wal-Mart gender bias case will impact future class actions and employment discrimination cases - Pauline Kim

March 31, 2011: This summer, the Supreme Court will rule whether to allow the district court certification of the class action gender bias case against Wal-Mart. more... 

Protests unite public, private union workers – Marion Crain

February 25, 2011:  Legislation in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere has ignited a sense of solidarity within organized labor. more... 

Wisconsin labor unrest could have far-reaching effects – Marion Crain

February 25, 2011: Assault on public-sector workers’ collective bargaining rights impacts all workers, says labor law expert Crain. more... 

Adrienne Davis appointed vice provost

December 22, 2010:  New position to focus on strengthening diversity, enhancing faculty development and fostering leadership. more...