Tax Policy Budget - Papers

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[view] Agenda

Panel I: Budget Process Reform

  • [view] Balanced Approach to Restoring Fiscal Responsibility
  • [view] Taking Back Our Fiscal Future - Stuart Butler and Alice Rivlin (& Brookings-Heritage Fiscal Seminar)
  • [view] Economic Meltdowns, Government Bailouts and Budget Reform - Irene Rubin
  • [view] Fiscal Sanity Proposals: When Is A "Hail Mary" Rational? - Allen Schick
  • [view] The Role of Public Engagement in the Budget Process - Harry Zeeve

Panel II: Impact of Budget Process Rules

  • [view] Evolution of the Reconciliation Process - Anita Krishnakumar
  • [view] The President’s Budget Within Federal Budgeting: Consequences of the Adversarial Presidency - Joe White
  • [view] Temporary-Effect Legislation, Political, Accountability, and Fiscal Restraint - Short Version - George Yin
    [view] Temporary-Effect Legislation, Political, Accountability, and Fiscal Restraint - Full Version - George Yin 

Panel III: Entitlements

  • [view] The Long-Term Fiscal Gap and Generational Inequity - Randall Mariger
  • [view] The Long-Term Fiscal Gap and Generational Inequality - Daniel Shaviro

Saturday Opening Address

  • [view] Budgetary Challenges Facing the United States- Murray Weidenbaum

Panel IV: Tax Expenditures and the Budget

  • [view] A Reconsideration of Tax Expenditure Analysis, Prepared - the Staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation
  • [view] Kleinbard Address Introducing JCT Report - Short Version - Edward Kleinbard
  • [view] A Critique of the Joint Committee's New Approach to Tax Expenditure Analysis - J. Clifton Fleming, Jr. and Robert Peroni

Panel V: Budget Accounting

  • [view] A Proposal for Capital Accounts in the Federal Budget - Neil Buchanan
  • [view] Measuring the True Cost of Government Bailout - Cheryl Block


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Last updated March 16, 2009