Conducting Emperical Legal Scholarship Workshop - 2002

On October 17, 18, and 19, 2002, the Center presented a mini-course on "Conducting Empirical Legal Scholarship." The workshop was offered to any law professor interested in conducting or evaluating empirical legal research. Prior background, knowledge, or experience with empirical inquiry was not required. 

The workshop was conducted at the Washington University School of Law, adjacent to the Business School's new world-class Charles F. Knight Executive Education Center. Participants stayed in a comfortable single-room and enjoyed meals in the spacious executive dining facilities. The $685 registration fee included accommodations for three nights, all meals, and course materials.

Legal Scholarship is becoming increasingly empirical, but it is difficult to learn how to do this work without instruction. This workshop provided the skills one needs to join the forefront of this new movement by instructing legal scholars on how to design and conduct empirical studies and to use statistical software to manage and analyze data. It also provided the foundation needed to pursue advanced statistical topics.

The workshop was led by Lee Epstein, Ph.D., the Mallinckrodt Distinguished University Professor of Political Science and Professor of Law at Washington University, and considered one of the leading experts in the use of empirical methods for legal scholarship and Andrew D. Martin, Ph.D., assistant professor of political science and fellow in the Center in Political Economy at Washington University, who specializes in quantitative methodology and Bayesian statistics.

Topics covered in the workshop included "The Role of Theory in Empirical Research;" "Research Design;" "The Logic of Statistical Inference;" "Commonly Used Statistical Models;" "Applied Training in Statistical Software;" "Public Data Bases of Interest to Legal Academics;" and "Republication and Data Archiving." ATTENDEES WERE REQUIRED TO BRING THEIR OWN LAPTOP.

The course was limited to 40 participants; therefore, early registration was advised. Participants registered by email at or by contacting the Center at 314-935-7988.