Promoting Justice Through Interdisciplinary Education, Practice and Scholarship

As part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the Clinical Education Program, the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and the Washington University School of Law Clinical Education Program presented a working conference on "Promoting Justice Through Interdisciplinary Teaching, Practice, and Scholarship," March 13-15, at the School of Law.

A distinguished group of participants addressed the following questions:  

--What is meant by "interdisciplinary" and "multidisciplinary"?

--How are collaboration goals between disciplines determined?  

--What common ethical issues arise in interdisciplinary education?  

--How does the clinical teaching approach serve as a model to educate students, provide services to the community, and advance justice?

--How is an interdisciplinary clinic or course designed? 

--What common ethical issues arise in interdisciplinary education and practice--how are they resolved?  

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