Planning Reform in the New Century

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The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and the American Planning Association presented Planning Reform in the New Century.  We came together to discuss some of the most relevant, far-reaching issues in planning today. We met with legal scholars, planners, political scientists, and the legal community to discuss the opportunities for reform in planning and land use regulation.

Friday-Saturday, 3-4 December 2004
Washington University in St. Louis - Anheuser-Busch Hall - Room 310

Keynote Speakers

  • Marcy Kaptur - United States House of Representatives,
    United States Congress
  • Paul Farmer - Executive Director, American Planning Association

Partial Speaker/Commentator Roster

Political Leadership in Planning Statute Reform - Ricca Slone, John Nolon

A Survey & Critique of Contemporary Efforts/Growing Smart - Stuart Meck, John Delaney

Sprawl and Urban Growth - Robert Freilich,  Gerrit-Jan Knaap

The Role of the Comprehensive Plan - Edward Sullivan, Thomas Pelham

Housing and Regulatory Streamlining - Anthony Downs, Charles Daye

Evaluating the Impacts of State and Local Programs - Shirley Abrahamson, Michael Berger

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