Develop your Pitch

This is a Presentation - You are  not just answering questions.  (Prepare an outline of the information you want the employer to know about you after the interview.)

Be Excited, Interested and Enthusiastic.

5 Points to Your Pitch:

  1. Commitment to Geographic Area.
    EXAMPLE: I am from St. Louis. I went to college in Atlanta and decided this is where I wanted to settle. I want to settle in the Midwest, Chicago seems to have the most sophisticated legal market and I loved the city when I visited. Consider student registration for local bar associations to create geographic connection.
  2. Commitment to Firm / Agency.
    EXAMPLE: I noticed your firm does IP work and that is one of my interests. I’m not sure what I want to do but your firm has a great reputation and seems to be a place where a new lawyer could get good training.  I'm attracted your firm's summer program because of the opportunity to work in several different practice areas.
  3. You are Smart.
    EXAMPLE: I have done well in school. In college I was on the Dean's list. Like many law students I wish I had done better, but I am a solid middle of the pack student. I have done particularly well in my Tax classes. My Torts grade was in the top 15% of that class. My spring GPA would put me in the top quarter of my class and I think that more accurately reflects my ability. My GPA puts me just outside the top third of my class.
  4. You are Hard Working.
    EXAMPLE: I am particularly proud of my academic record because I was very involved in extracurricular and typically spent 20 hours a week on _______. I worked ______hours a week while going to school. I worked two jobs last summer and ended up working over 60 hours a week. I have always worked hard and I will work hard for your firm.
  5. You are a Good Writer.
    EXAMPLE: I enjoy writing and rewriting. My undergraduate thesis received high honors. I have done well in writing classes. I received strong positive feed back on my written work product last summer. I was selected for the law review based on my writing ability.
  6. Other Possible Key Points: Your ability to attract business ( I am very involved in community activities and like meeting people in the community; I hope to make my mother's company a client of the firm); Your attention to detail; Language skills; Industry knowledge.

Have Prepared An Answer for All Common Interview Questions.