Additional Services Offered

Happy Hour/Networking Receptions: Our office hosts happy hours, during the school year and the summer, for employers and first, second and third year students in St.Louis, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and NewYork. Students are able to learn more about specific firms and other employers and the legal profession generally, and employers are given the opportunity to meet with students. Please contact our office if you would be interested in participating in a happy hour.

Interviewing Rooms: We have interview rooms available for use throughout the year. From August to mid-October demand for these rooms increases for the on-campus-interviewing season. Your office is always welcome to use an available room to interview our students for positions.

Video Conferencing: We offer real-time interview sessions through video conferencing. This is the perfect way to interview students when traveling to campus is not possible

For more information on any of these services contact: Angela Smith, Recruiting Manager at 314-935-5483 or