Placement Data Information

Career Services Partners with Students from Day One

The story of Washington University School of Law’s graduates extends far beyond the numbers reported annually to the ABA. From day one, we work closely with individual students to find employment aligned with their career goals and background from a wide spectrum of employers.  

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Additional Placement Data Information is below. 

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Source of Jobs
Our students receive job offers from a wide range of sources, including OCI, referrals, networking contacts, professional practice contacts, summer employment contacts, and job bank contacts. We work closely with students to assist them in pursuing each employment opportunity via a variety of avenues. Often students receive offers from a combination of sources making meaningful individualized reporting of job source data difficult. We do closely track employment status and employment type as required by the ABA.
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Timing of Job Offers
While our students receive offers throughout the year, we concentrate on collecting data in keeping with ABA requirements for nine months after graduation. We make every effort to verify that the data we do report is accurate and adheres to current guidelines. 

Accounting and Methodology for Placement Data
We recognize that attending law school is a substantial investment of students’ time and financial resources. Our law school is committed to reporting its data accurately and responsibly. Our placement data reflect changes in the employment market, new guidelines, and current definitions for reporting and categorizing employment.

In the interest of providing full consumer information, the ABA and related professional associations have been revising their definitions to further clarify how different types of employment are reported. Visit the ABA website for information on the ABA’s methodology [view].  

Salary Information
We participate in an annual employment survey with NALP (the National Association for Law Placement) and any self-reported salary information is included in that survey. NALP reports aggregate data annually, broken down in various ways, that is a good resource for prospective and current students [view].

Salary information for law graduates is not collected for reporting to any regulatory authority and is not able to be verified. We do not publish our own salary statistics due to the limited data we have available and to privacy concerns, but we are available to discuss types of positions obtained by recent graduates and geographic locations.  

We are happy to put you in touch with a Career Services Office counselor if you would like to discuss our employment information in more detail. Please click here to email a CSO advisor.