Resumes, Cover Letters and More

How you present yourself and your credentials to potential employers is crucial.  Your first impression must be impeccable – this means an accurate, well-executed legal resume, cover letter and whatever other materials the employer requests.  At the initial application stage, most employers expect only a resume and cover letter when you are applying directly to them.  Other materials that may be requested, however, include:  a law school transcript (either unofficial or official), an undergraduate transcript, a writing sample and a list of references.  Always be sure to verify the materials required by each employer prior to applying for a summer or post-graduate position. [read more]

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Sample Resumes

Sample Cover Letters

  • Cover #1 (1L looking for summer associate position - large firm)
  • Cover #2 (1L looking for summer employment - small firm)
  • Cover #3 (2L looking for summer associate position)
  • Cover #4 (2L looking for summer employment)
  • Cover #5 (3L looking for permanent employment)
  • Cover #6 (Public Service)
  • Cover #7 (Summer Judicial Intern)

Sample Transcript

Sample List of Reference

Sample Writing Samples

Sample Thank you Letters