DOJ Guide

This guide highlights Justice’s for law student and attorney recruitment and hiring programs, and provides useful information on the DOJ offices (including descriptions of the sections within the larger Divisions) that hire law students and attorneys. It is divided into three major sections:

  • Part One (pages 1-8) gives an overview of Justice’s four hiring programs, and provides information about eligibility, application processes, and frequently asked questions.
  • Part Two (pages 9-45) highlights the DOJ organizations that employ law students and attorneys. This section first describes the DOJ organizations that employ the largest number of attorneys (i.e., more than 100 attorneys) and, therefore, typically have the most hiring needs. Next are descriptions of the smaller DOJ organizations that hire attorneys.
  • Part Three (pages 46-51) is composed of two directories. The first is a directory of field office locations employing law students and attorneys, which is included to help individuals interested in employment with Justice outside of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The second is a chart of DOJ organizational practice areas, which is included to help individuals explore the work of the various DOJ organizations and find those that best match their interests and expertise.

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DOJ Guide [view]