Summer Public Interest Programs

1L Program

The Washington University School of Law is pleased to announce its 2015 Summer Public Interest Program for first-year students who undertake otherwise unpaid legal or law-related work in government and non-profit organizations.  For the entire program description [view].

1L Application Forms

Students interested in participating in the program MUST Opt-in by April 1st, 2015. Complete the Opt-in Survey 

Students with confirmed summer public interest placements need to complete a separate form. [view]

FAFSA form [view]

Share It Forward Survey [view] Please complete the survey after your summer experience is complete. This is important information for future WULS students.

1L Summer Public Interest Program Training Video - April 14, 2015 [view video]

2L Program

2L Program Description [view]
2L Application [view]

After completing the application form please ‘bid’ in Symplicity to submit your documents.
You are required to submit both the application and your resume through Symplicity.  

To bid:   Use the Symplicity website:

  1. Go to the Symplicity “OCI” tab
  2. Select the applicable Session “2015 Summer Public Interest Program” from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on the “Review” button to place your bid.
  4. Upload your resume.
  5. Upload your application as “other documents.”
  6. Attach both to your “bid.”
  7. Click on the “Apply” button to submit your bid.  (NOTE: Symplicity will not allow you to bid unless you have uploaded all documents required.)  If  the “Apply” button does not appear, you are missing required documents.
  8. You must rank every employer you bid for within each Session. You should rank  your application “1.”  While there is no advantage to bidding early (the committee will receive all resumes at one time when bidding closes), please do not wait until the last minute.