Resume Collection

Unable to visit our campus?

If you are interested in receiving resumes from Washington University Law students, we can collect and send resumes of interested students to you.  You may then contact students directly to arrange interviews or contact our office for further assistance. Resume collections during the fall can be scheduled from
August through October.

a. Login to Symplicity at [link]
*Your user name is your complete email address
b. Select [OCI] from the toolbar at the top of the screen
c. Click on the [Schedule Request] tab then click [Request Schedule]
d. From the [Sessions] drop-down menu, select the Resume Collect session that includes the date you would like to receive your resumes. NOTE: Please use the "Note" section for any additional instructions. For example, the date you would like to receive resumes by.
e. Complete the form.
f. Click the [Submit] button.

If you have never registered your firm/agency with us, when clicking the Symplicity [link] select the Register tab.  Complete the requested information and you will receive an email with your password as soon as your registration has been approved.  Next, follow the instructions above to submit your schedule request.