Reciprocity Policy and Form

Reciprocity Policy

The Washington University School of Law Career Services Office (CSO) is pleased to offer our services on a reciprocal basis to students and graduates of law schools outside the St. Louis metropolitan area on the following terms: 

Services are available to students and graduates of those ABA-accredited law schools which allow Washington University School of Law students and graduates similar services.  Generally, the CSO adheres to a “one for one” policy in granting use of its services to outside students and graduates.  A request for reciprocity from another law school must be matched by a request for reciprocity from Washington University before a second request will be considered.  A request for renewal will be treated as a new request.  Requests for reciprocity may be made to only one St. Louis area law school. 

Requests for services must be made (in writing to Career Services Office, Washington University School of Law, One Brookings Drive, Campus Box 1120, St. Louis, Missouri  63130 or by email to by a career center official from the requesting law school in advance of the visit.  “Walk-in” requests will not be honored.  When reciprocity is approved, our office will provide a letter or email to that effect back to the career center official who sent the original request.  We will also provide a copy of the letter/email to the student/graduate requesting reciprocity, provided the original letter/email included the student/graduate individual contact information.  If the original letter/email does not contain the individual contact information, we ask that the school official provide a copy of our letter/email to the student/graduate.  The student/graduate must bring the letter/email from our office each time the student/graduate uses the facilities of our office.  

Services are available to students and graduates for three months, beginning on the date reciprocity is first authorized.  In order to access the services of our office, those offered reciprocal privileges at Washington University must register at the front desk of the CSO at the time of each visit.  

Students and graduates granted reciprocity will have access to the Washington University School of Law CSO reference library and handout materials, which cover topics such as career exploration, types of legal employers and legal practice areas.  Printed materials may not be copied or removed from the office.  Counseling services are not available due to the time constraints of our counselors.  Reciprocity recipients will have access to our online direct-send job postings.  Our letter/email authorizing reciprocity will include a temporary password to be used by the reciprocity recipient to access the job postings.  

Reciprocity will be offered throughout the year except from August 1 – November 30.  Graduates may seek limited reciprocity from August 1 – November 30 for the purpose of accessing online job postings only. 

For our own students and alumni, the following rules apply: 

Reciprocity is not available with other St. Louis area law schools. 

Washington University School of Law students and graduates may request reciprocity from only one law school in any geographic area.  This limitation is necessary to allow as many students and graduates as possible access to other law schools’ career services offices. 

Before visiting another school, students and graduates must make a reciprocity request to the Washington University School of Law CSO.  Requests may be made in writing, via email or by phone at least seven days in advance of the intended visit.  Advanced planning and flexibility is important when requesting reciprocity as it often takes a week or two for the school of which reciprocity is being requested to respond.  In addition, many law schools, especially in geographic areas where demand is high, do not offer career services to outside students and graduates.

Reciprocity Request Form

Updated February 2010