Public Interest Fellowships for Graduating Law Students

Fellowships are generally defined as financial grants awarded to recipients who work to fulfill a specific purpose for a specific amount of time.  There are a variety of public interest fellowships available to graduating law students who are interested in pursuing public interest law at graduation. Fellowships are generally one- to two-year opportunities designed to give recent law graduates experience in public interest practice.
Public interest fellowships are attractive for a number of reasons, including that they allow graduates to creatively pursue their passions and interests, while providing the training necessary to pursue permanent public interest or teaching positions and that they provide networking opportunities for developing strong professional contacts in the field. In addition, some fellowships serve as a point of entry for permanent employment. Some fellowships also provide loan repayment assistance.

Many post-graduate public interest fellowships require advance preparation, so students must begin thinking about fellowships early in their law school career. For more information on how to prepare and apply for these opportunities, please review the following information and then contact the Career Services Office and make an appointment with your JD Advisor. 

Different Categories of Public Interest Fellowships 

Project Based Fellowships
Organizational Fellowships
Education & Teaching Fellowships
Government Fellowships
Firm-Sponsored Fellowships  

Preparing and Applying to Public Interest Fellowships 

How Do I Find Out About Possible Fellowships?
How Do I Get Started?
What Do Most Fellowship Applications Require?
How Do I Keep Track of All of the Fellowship Deadlines?