Center for Career Development Partners with Students

Life as a first-year:
Partnering with Center for Career Development

Washington University School of Law is a partner from day one. Our Center for Career Development team is ready to work on developing your career path from the moment you begin law school.

Your Focus Is Our Focus: Our seven CCD professionals, all of whom have practiced law, specialize in focus areas covering every geographic region as well as professional opportunities encompassing large firm, small firm, mid-size firm, in-house, public interest, government, nontraditional, business, military, judicial, family law, intellectual property, international, and more. 

Detailed Self-Assessment: As a first-year student, you will participate in a detailed self-assessment that facilitates finding the right professional fit based on your specific background, interests, strengths, and geographic preferences.

Life as a third-year:
Launching an international law career

Team Approach: You will be assigned a career services professional to guide you through your career path. The process culminates with each graduating student matched with a faculty member, an advisor, and an alumnus to find success.

Unparalleled Professional Preparation and Development: Upper-level students are guaranteed the opportunity to participate in one of 16 innovative law clinics and professional practice opportunities, including in Washington, D.C., New York City, and abroad through our top-ranked Clinical Education Program. We will work with you to create a flexible curriculum that will match your interests with the right professional practice experience.

During the 2013 Intersession, our first-year students had the opportunity to meet more than 200 professionals from 13 cities representing 65 employers through the Employer Showcase, specialized receptions, break-out sessions on regional markets and specific practice areas, and mock interviews.

Extensive Network of Contacts: We will help link you to our extensive network of more than 3,000 professionals, including alumni and friends of Washington University.  Through the Becker Project, we have made more than 4,000 introductions for our students in the last two years.

By the Numbers: In this academic year, we expect to bring more than 475 professionals to campus from at least 30 cities representing 100 employers at more than 70 events. These events range from small group discussions and mock interviews to large events, including Corporate Counsel Day, Small Firm Day, Women’s Law Day, the Employer Showcase, and the Government & Public Interest Job Fair.

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Diverse Services and Educational Opportunities: Our Career Services Office offers programs on everything from résumé and cover letter drafting, to networking and interviewing skills, to clerkships, fellowships, and employer research, to sessions on specific practice areas and geographic regions. We organize on-campus and off-campus interviewing programs, participation in numerous job fairs, networking receptions, job postings for summer and part-time employment, and other programs. 

We also proactively send résumé books to small and mid-size firms in 10 cities across the country, and we offer City Connect Events, Skype informational meetings, iChats, a Legal Project Bank, and the Entrepreneurial Lawyer Program.

Trial and Advocacy Preparation: Professional experience, excellence, and guaranteed opportunities for all law students are the hallmarks of our Trial and Advocacy Program. Experienced, full-time law faculty work with accomplished lawyers and judges to teach our courses and coach our teams. Our Trial and Advocacy Program is ranked consistently among the top in the nation with a strong record in national and regional competitions, including winning the 2012 ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition.

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